When a young African girl named Dayo girl loses her name to an ancient evil called the Akala, she
must journey through the fantastical realm of Onile to regain her true identity and stop the evil from
engulfing the world. On her journey, she'll encounter Folayan the master riverspirit and Lekan the
drum king,who will not only hone her artistic and fighting abilities, but guide her growth to become a
great hero. Additionally, she'll meet fellow students Kalu and Adisa. They'll clash at first, but they'll
become great friends and mighty protectors of the realm. Throughout the story, they'll embark on
many adventures as they search for a way to vanquish the malevolent Akala. The story of Dayo
begins now! Look at the preview images below and grab a copy!
Legends of Onile: Dayo I
8.5 x 11
100 + pages (full color)
Domestic Order
International Order
Legends of Onile: Dayo I